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Radiation Science Research Consulting and Training Services

Discover Our Expertise

Radiation Research

Let us help you innovate

Our scientists collaborate with Health and Safety Experts across Canada to develop new methods of assessing and mediating radiation risk, whether from non-ionizing radiation such as UV, laser or EMF or ionizing radiation sources such as x-ray and radioactive sources.

Consulting Services

Address regulatory and safety issues

Our experts can help you address a wide range of radiation safety issues, including x-ray and radioactive material surveys, CNSC licence applications, x-ray and Nuclear Medicine shielding calculations, assessment of shielding integrity, and development of radiation safety programs

Radiation Safety Training

Customized training to fit your needs

Our experienced trainers can provide a wide range of training options within the radiation safety field. We offer training for those planning to become radiation safety officers (i.e., RSOs), RSO refresher training, and ultraviolet (UV) safety training. Courses are customized to suit individual client requirements and delivered anywhere in Canada, using an online line learning technique, or can be given in a classroom setting near our head office.

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